Greetings From Grandmother Comfort in the Wind

Aho Beloved Grandchildren of the Rainbow,

How wonderful to greet you and welcome you into our hearts. Your sacred song blessing is beautiful (ask). You are such softness, beautiful like a water's drop and the down of a baby chick. We lift you up to heaven's love to receive good health and strength little dove. Thank you for blessings that flow from your heart, you will help us all to be our part.

I do bless the sacred winds, I do bless even all the sin. I do bless that we might find, souls of thunder and hearts so fine. I do bless all of heaven's list, I do bless for all the lisps. Those that speak such lovely things, bringing forth the sacred rings. I do bless even those that curse, they bring forth the blessed terse. I do bless that all might find, glory flowing, the holy vine.

Love in the winds and the sacred nine directions. I do bless today that all might find the lowly way.
I am your Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines
a gray child and embrace of the story, your holy smoke

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Hoops

For Grandmothers Everywhere (gray persons) and Grandmother (dream space) in You!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rainbows Grow From the Fire of Love I Adore

Rainbow Children come to me, to share the heart of harmony. Come my children raise your hands, there we will be a place to better understand. Love is coming to bow in the winds, showing us the waves again. We look at rainbows promise to thee, we have to make our hearts fly with liberty. Sing praises. Sing praises, my heart knows the way. Sing praises. Sing praises, my soul is longing to display. Sing praises. Sing praises, I'm going to the land of love. Sing praises. Sing praises, my holy brethren rule like doves.`````````````` 

And each and every rainbow sings, how wonderful life does bring, the heavenly knowledge in a bow, the rain drops dew know to show. And glory each and every day, in a cup of dew, in a song displayed. Our hearts reknew, just had to choose, the promise of the rainbow displayed. And every time, I see such a sight, the longing of everything going right, towards the end of the bow, a treasure is known, the souls within will be free. And lessons are not always easy to display, but God knows harmony in no other wave, but love that's true, from me to you, the promise of the rainbow does choose. I light my fire within me shine, to bring out harmony that will bind. I will sing for you, bring messages of love. I will bind my feet, towards knowing you are a dove. I will fight for love, all stepping towards this grace, the holy sacred place within my heart. The rainbow knows how to arc. Come sail with me in a dream, let brotherhood come to my seas, where heaven abounds, without any sound, but peace comes to reign a new bow, the rainbow shows it's wondrous tows/toes.````````````````

Can you bring my soul to my knees? Can you show me just how to receive? Can you show me the way, to love's glowing display? Can you fight for me in the waves? Will you show me just what to dew?  Will you show me just how to be true? Will you show me that love comes out of our hearts, to lean on the rainbow displayed, the promise of the brotherhood some day. And leaping frogs do know, when migrations begin to flow, that everywhere, it's time to move. And when we find our way, we leap and bounds to pray, our faith will lead the way. Just follow the rainbow, the circle of men. Just follow the rainbow, the circle that begins. Just follow the circle the ancients do bow, each rock, flower and animal does sow. And with the fields growing yellow grass, the abundance is going to learn to last. To know joy instead of pain, to know tears full of gain, to know glory, the circle of life. We are children of the Rainbow. We live twice. One soul, one flow, one gigantic tow. We are the being inside of our hearts. One place, one state, one reference on my plate (perspective of your four rainbow colors, the buffalo robe), this is what I am to do for always. ````````````````

Gain in all you do each day. Gain in love for it will save your breath, the holy spirit inside of you, knows what to do and choose, when your heart billows free and learns to sail, let the ark of the covenant be our whales. Let the arc of the rainbow sail. Let brotherhood shine in us (all choked up). Let brotherhood know the dust, the holy inwards bound, the sacred heaven loud, the songs that sing to you and me, to bring love to thee, my relatives on the leaves. We sing with you, to light the dew, to bring in rainbows, that's what we choose. To love each other, to change this world, with bowing down to each and every course, the place of love that discourse, to fight together, to aim for better weather, when we choose that love is the way, the only path the rainbow does display. We honor thy mother and they father. We honor they neighbor and they friends (helpers). We honor the keepers and the trail blazers, because love lives in the winds.  And with each heart our souls know how to linger, to bring in rainbow treasures each day. Look at the world, with sight or unheard, the place where dreams come out to shine true. We only need send love to you.  We only know love will save true. And that will be receiving, each other retrieving their hearts, a story you once knew. Repeat all what others say to you. Tell them you are listening to the stories on your bones. And where that blood rolls, the stories can curdle, but eventually the fire of stone, we are purified, when love is known. `````````````

I tell you a story of angels who sing above all this harmony, the flux and evaluations, come down to one single thing. Did you do your prayers today now? Did you bless the nine sacred waves? Did you think of angels in all that you touched, for gifting to us sow much? Did you know what you need say now, to bow to the elders in your tribe, repeat the story told, to know how to be respectful and bold, to share all you know as well with the leaves, for we are the story of the rainbows who please, those who align to the times, and seek knowledge to shine, to bring happiness to the world for always. It's heavenly waves, the soul inside does save, if only heaven could remember know rainbows. If only heaven could shine our souls. If only we remembered, the soul inside does thunder, like a billowing sail, across the rainbow like whales, the great sea of harmony (gray, grandmother dreamspace curl), that's where the rainbow will be, the golden sunshine, the great display, the sun in the sky, that I will be a dance this day. A look at the window, open and true, let the wind blow through me and pass through. I bless the oceans of time and winds. I bless the open sacred bins, the places together we sail to remember, the promise of the rainbow will shine some day. And my story will linger to hold next to you, one candle of many whims of lighted candles to sea. Each a star a diamond, a crystalline stone. `````````````````

Each a sun within, a light is born. I remember the sovereign state of men, to look at the celestial lights to begin. the waking of angels that's you and me. The awakening of our brothers and sisters of the tree, the rainbow clan, my family. You are the place I have dreamed. You are the wonder of any land. You are the colors that bring a band. You are the ark, the sails through me. I am the sailing ship that seeks, the shore of my relatives, on the family tree. That's you and me. Come sail to the waves of time and seek, the soldiers of fortune are mild and meek, they fight for love to come into this place, they study the holy temple weight. And in all this knowing that's true, the joy is swelling inside of you. Come hand in hand make a blessing stand. Send your love in the winds. Send your prayers to those who sink. Send the message that peace lives now, we are the sacred rainbow warriors in the clouds. ``````````````

Sacred Song Blessings for the Rainbow Growth from the Fire We Adore. Thank you for your inspiration Grandmother Comfort in the Wind White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums

Sacred Blessing for the day...
I bless you to know the waves. I bless you to know to save. I bless you in all the daze. I bless you to sovereign ways (heavenly virtues). I bless you in all you dew, the hanging on to what is true. I bless you in the sky this day, to help you look at all each wave. I bless you in my heart to sing, the loyal walking of the bring. I bless you when you show your face, because humility is true grace. I bless you nine directions that shine, the waves of harmony learning to bind. I bless you in the waking hours and I bless you when you think it's sour. I bless you in the walking pane, the vision of the growing gain. 

I bless you in all that you think, tomorrow is not a kitchen sink. I bless you in all you dew, because it's what dreams come true. If only you could pray with me, I bless all the sacred knees. I bless you the blades of grass. I bless the blue sky that lingers and lasts. I bless the waves of the starry sky. I bless the flowers each is wise. I bless the waters of the streams, together they are mighty beams, rivers seas and oceans of delight, all those tears, I bless from fright. I bless you as you walk this day. I bless you in all you do and say. I bless you as you feel the pain of your brother who hasn't gained. I bless you in the thought of love, the fight to get back together with all your might. The willingness to bind your soul, to be part of the sacred circle of the bold. I bless the trees that reign our world, that gift to us, the breath unheard. I bless you in all you think and say, for 1000's of years you did portray. I bless you in all you want to bee, a great big dream, heavenly tree. I bless you in the starry dream, where you are flying without any seams (free flowing, not tied down). I bless you for nine times I bow, to the thunder of the winds, that say, holy cow. I bless you the waves of the crystalline stone, the trail of the river of the holy bones. 

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums


Grandmother Comfort in the Wind's Heart, "Let me show you how it's done, just roll up your arms and dive on in, with open arms and a warm smile, you will be okay in awhile. I am Grandmother Comfort in the Wind and I am here to share our souls again. Once we walked and shared our heart. Now it's time for us to begin this walk and impart. Share your story with the heaven sent. Share your heart where ever you went. Share with the world, prophecy has arrived. It's time for us to say good night. Dream and think of me holding you when you need, for I will rock you to bed to sleep. Dream of far off distant shores, where all will be relatives more/moor (watered grass, welcome to a new home, heaven and earth we do roam)." 

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind Gives Praise to Everything!

Thank you sow much for your loving, beautiful, kind and awesome heart. The soul who knows the great of impart. The classic stines (cup) of lock and stock. Every barrel has a part if they could simply learn to impart. Bestow (a quality) and seek from the heart. Once again, the feathers of our fathers 'smart'(aimimg for our hearts). Princess of Dawning Sings for Grandmother's Heart

My Beloved White Buffalo Calf Woman and
Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star,
To the Grandchildren...
I thank you with all my heart... my grandmother's heart, where my dream is for all the grandchildren to come home, and know the warm hug of grandmother's love. That we may be family again and lose ourselves in the love of each other's heart, never to be apart but ALWAYS a PART of the wholeness of God. May we let the past go and find our future in our heart that KNOWS. Blessings my children and grandchildren, come on home, and we shall be glory in the winds again and we shall never lack, for abundance will flow and hope shall finally show, that faith is realized in each other, and our dreams, now a whisper, shall be a SHOUT, and never more shall doubt have a place. Peace, pure peace, be upon our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and let us breathe out and fill the world, fill the oceans, the waters flow, with our love and delight. Great rainbow warriors of prophecy, be full of might and Godness and let your perfect warrior hearts be strong and endure, for this is the time for the why, the where and the whom of our creatings. The dreaming of heaven coming to earth in these bodies of frailness, and yet of such greatness that if only we knew our worth, we would never falter and never despair, but we would only know how to share. Let us let out our goodness that all shall find theirs, and the sharing shall be so wondrous that the shine of the glory will blind those that see, and those that are blind shall find true prophecy. I love you my darlings and I send you my blessings in the winds... be of great courage and start to LIVE! I bless your sacred nine directions and the fire and the waters within.
Lovingly your Grandmother Comfort in the Wind, Sunshine Glory Shines gray person, the embrace of the story House of the War Dance, Hoops of the Universe, a flower unfolding, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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