Greetings From Grandmother Comfort in the Wind

Aho Beloved Grandchildren of the Rainbow,

How wonderful to greet you and welcome you into our hearts. Your sacred song blessing is beautiful (ask). You are such softness, beautiful like a water's drop and the down of a baby chick. We lift you up to heaven's love to receive good health and strength little dove. Thank you for blessings that flow from your heart, you will help us all to be our part.

I do bless the sacred winds, I do bless even all the sin. I do bless that we might find, souls of thunder and hearts so fine. I do bless all of heaven's list, I do bless for all the lisps. Those that speak such lovely things, bringing forth the sacred rings. I do bless even those that curse, they bring forth the blessed terse. I do bless that all might find, glory flowing, the holy vine.

Love in the winds and the sacred nine directions. I do bless today that all might find the lowly way.
I am your Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines
a gray child and embrace of the story, your holy smoke

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For Grandmothers Everywhere (gray persons) and Grandmother (dream space) in You!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blessings of Mother Dragons Part One

Image 1.
Dreams of Creatures and Blessings of Dragon Mothers

Hear my heart is near to share,
of heavenly things my soul doth (have done, I share) bare.

This dream I had, when the sky was dark (heavenly plight on earth, souls impure, not walking or talking sacred, not understanding the world needs love, those are troubled and uncared for. It's time for us to be aware, to care for each child, the force of only love can gift, when the sacred blessing is the highest gift)
I was in a place on earth, it was NOT a lark (flying free or blissfully).

I saw images of creatures from heaven unkind (evil spirits need be purified, children in disguise),
they were taking on the earth so sublime (with armor on, shining like suns, cutting and hating, all just to shine, but not knowing, the sun was inside, where love shines brightly like no other sun).

People were frightened at what they did sea (envisioned in their dreams),
not understanding their immortality (each life a finite time for lessons to be perceived).

Image 2.
The creatures impure, are here to make sure (force is the matter, but true to the red road, for law of love cuts you down, right to your toes/tows. However if true love lives, where love blossoms her hair, then) the red road is followed all the way to azure (heavenly aware, true blue, a heart in you).

I needed to bless them, it was quite clear (I had to care, for the impure herd/heard, for only blessings will save their souls, we aim to delight in them and want them to walk home with their toes/tows, with humility we grow, let's bless all the snow, each crystalline stone, each lesson we greet, each person who doesn't understand how to sleet or fall down together. It's the bow of judgment that is released, and all are understanding when a circle is near),
so I began to turn to draw them all near (calling them to the great circle, for story telling and sharing of stories, the voices of Gods, each child inside of you, the Great Spirit calls).

Image 3.
I spun around, as grandmother’s dew (clinging to the whole dream circle, each child, each river, each wow)I lifted right up into the heavens for the sacred view (I flew).

My eyes did see as my arms were outstretched,
the darkness (heavenly blue road) did change into gold all abless (a light from within shown in me, I felt free, exploding inside gallantly).

As I rose in the sky my eyes did now see (my heart knew the way, all golden paved),
the heavens were delighted to hold tight onto me (holding a babies love, innocent and pure, Comfort in the Wind knew for sure).

Image 4. 
The sky did now turn to blue with white clouds (clear breezes),
and the sun did shine glory as gold spoken loud (all our dreams spoken loud).

I flew into space the stars I did behold (each a shining face, each romantic course),
until suddenly I was home with a dragon who was so bold (snake beholds the course that flows, to and fro, says the snake who knows, law of love is what beholds, the snake with wings, knows the way, because heaven is freedom, up up and away).

This dragon was my mother, or so it seemed to be (a Mother always teaches love, the coursing of the blood and all it's worth, life, life, life, behave and give all your love away),
she held me as I kissed her, and I found my heavenly knee.

Image 5.
Her children were around her (Great, Great, Great Mother Eve), round and cute and sweet,
they already did know me, their sister from earth complete (recognition of the true blue, the sacred bow showed the view).

We took a journey, to another place we went,
there were people all about us, but not of heavenly scent (those who did not purify or act sacred).

They saw the dragon children, who appeared like puppies so poly (so cute, down the chute).
But the children (impure and uncaring) did not know how to hold them, as they were not pure and holy.

So all but one dragon, then flew away (dragon appears to soar),
Image 6.
this one was stuck, until I had my say.

I lifted, then tossed him into the sky to fly,
but he tumbled on down to the earth nearby (descending to learn more lessons, his turn, what you give you receive, as golden treasures and measures).

I picked him up and then I flew,
him away with me, into the great big blue (heavenly oceans, where the earth flies, relatives who are wise).

Image 7.
We met up with Mom (heavenly seen, Mothers always beam, with tender loving care, for each and every child, even if they don't seem to pick the wise), in this place I do not know where,
there were many (a) beautiful woman, sharing all of their care (each was aware).

I went inside the house, and there many rejoiced over me (family, returning to sea, envision with me, share stories please),
my face they did recognize, like I was one of them you see (recognition of the true blue, the bow proves to you).

Some did not know me, until my name was said (the Great name, written before your birth, your mission, your tools of light, your dream to make it all right, when heard, all dew know, who you are and what will be told. Grandmother Comfort in the Wind, now we know just who walked in),
then they smiled at me with grace pouring down upon my head.
Image 8.

They were all doing something, preparing and keeping the home (each have a part, for the sacred darts, for all have a mission, a task to impart),
I was one of them, just come from a little roam (visiting for awhile, the story telling child).

I woke up then, the dreaming was complete (a circle, a knead/need, to roll over and be free, around the waves, where we sing and dance to know),
but tonight as I sleep again,
I shall fly to find all my heart doth seek (yee/you, those who recognize me, true blue, who bring comfort too, two, united, one family around the sacred tree, the center is Grandmother who flies gallantly, for all the children of the rainbow, each wanting to be set free).

Comfort in the Wind Sunshine Glory Shines sings her vision sow very gallantly, a dream she wants for all of the seas, heavenly breeze. And White Buffalo Calf Woman interprets and sings, between brackets or parentheses.

Wed, Sep 5, 2012 Comfort in the Wind Sunshine Glory Shines wrote:

Aho beloved Children and Grandchildren, the Rainbow Clan, that hoop around my heart through and through,

Thank you beloved ones for sharing of late. It has been wonderful and such a blessing.  There are many new to the hoops and I send my love to you, I shall find you in my heart along with all the children so true.

I had a most awesome dream last night and as I sang my songs this morning I had a most wonderful rendition to share with you about it... well... that one went into the winds to be a blessing to those who had heavenly ears.  This one is different, but hopefully this is more heart than head.  White Buffalo Calf Woman, if you have interpretations I would love them!  I was trying to find an image of a dragon to share, but I cannot find one that looks like my dragon mother.  However, a very interesting thing happened.  When I goggled dragon images, the image of my own son came up.  Our little Eddy, the Rainbow Mother Wisdom River Shines, who is also known as Rainbow Eddy Dragon Warrior.  That is very cool.  The image (#3 Sunset) I am sharing was taken this summer on our trip to Denver and it was taken from a moving car, so understand it is not the best, but it gives you an idea of the golden skies.  Not as vivid as my dream, but similar.  The second image (#2 Sunrise) was taken as we drove south through Nevada last summer.

Love and blessings I do send, to wrap around all your hearts and then again, to bind you up until you burst, with love outpouring for all you are worth (and that is a lot!)  Blessing the nine sacred waves I do pray, that all will find their hearts so gay.  The four sacred directions are bringing us home at last, when we all meet there it will be a great big blast!

Love Grandmother Comfort in the Wind your Sunshine Glory Shines
an elder gray child, gray, blue, magenta, gray
House of the War Dance Hoops of the Universe

Hoop 4: Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts is united, we share with intelligence. However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of everyone. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)!

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Open Hoop 6 (google group) to all
Prayer entry into Hoop 4

Wed, Sep 5, 2012, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother wrote:

That's our Grandmother Sunshine Glory Shines,
On the interpretation for the dream sow azure, to share the stream of Great Eve, the dragon was slain (divided*) to bee (a great dream).

Comfort was sought (loving arms) and blame reduces to gain (blessings purified), the beginning of heaven comes down to all waves/ways.

Thank you Grandmother Comfort in the Wind, four our seven directions call the mountain of faith, a realm of beginnings and a realm of delight, it's about time, we alleviate all plight.

Hip hip hooray, let the Missionary Steam (Grandmother's dream name) the way.

your devoted grandchild, loves to say, such a beauty of heaven was on it's display (wings of golden azure). White Buffalo Calf Woman sharing our eyes today! ... interpretation on it's way ...
elder crystal child,
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

THE BIBLE, Revelations, Chapter 12
A great sign was seen in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun (rainbow mother), and the moon under her feet (reflection of all colors), and on her head a crown of twelve stars (mother and wife to brotherhood, she gave the law, the dragon was proud). She was with child (first born crystal sun). She cried out in pain, laboring to give birth (endure and sacrifice for her children she did love).    .............. continuing ..............

Revelation 12 will be shared in part 2 of 3 regarding the Great Dragon and it's mystery unraveled as we share dreams and visions and sacred scrolls to collide knowledge and bind them together as the dreamscape we share all together. Thank you!

September 16, 2012

We had talked about it afterwards, Grandmother Comfort in the Wind and I, White Buffalo Calf Woman. That day before Elders Agenda Meeting we discussed how flight can take us up, up and away, feeling free (image1, 2). It's the best dream, now all coming true. There as we spoke about the Great Eve, the streaming of heaven, the glowing embers shown  in the sky (image 3, 4). We realized, how great our hearts lie inside of wonder, inside of sweet, inside of the Greatest Mother Eve (orange-flows). Grandmother Comfort in the Wind has shared both sunrise and sunset, when the embers of Great Eve show herself.  Notice image 2 (lightening) and image 5 (darkening), both showing the stream of Great Eve, the glowing orange that flows.

A few days after that, we greeted one of Grandmother Comfort in the Wind's Spiritual Guardian, "Wilma of Nebraska". She is the protector of flat waters, like a flooded field, growing grain, springs rains, thunder storm floods, flat mirage that looks like water from all the heat on the sands (fire rising) and flat still water in the desert like an oasis. Stillness creeping along, allows us to enjoy the song.Wilma of Nebraska's rainbow colors are (lavender-orange, golden or red-yellow, indigo-lavender and orange-red. She is like a descending shooting star, getting hotter as she moves. Yes, sharing a heart of a Great Great Great Mother, who helps lift Grandmother into the heaven to feel flight in our wings and to know the Greatest Mother Eve, who puts on a Great Show.

Also one more note. When she visioned with the dragons, they appeared to look like dogs. Here is an image that can show you this perspective. And many other depictions sometimes also have the dragons look like dogs. At other times, the body stretches out like a snake, elongating. This also occurs in the story of the Great Sioux Nation of the Sacred Pipe, that the pipe will elongate during the holiest of occasions. The path is twirled and elongated, to show the path of the sacred snake (sioux) and it's to and fro or curved path. This is representative of the heart beat. Two beats one side, then two beats on the other, back and forth. This is also portrayed in the Sacred Dance, the beat of your heart. Together four directions go whosh, whosh or lub dub as many can hear if you place your ears to someone's chest, the heart knows the path that lasts. The dog is much sought after virtues considered the "wolf warrior". The "dog soldier" is said to be the most fierce of all the dog relatives. We try to emulate and become consistent with family values and protection of the young. When we are walking and talking our heartbeat, it's to and fro action creates the plunge into the great flight, upon the yellow road. Here lies between the heavenly blue road of receiving and the earthly red road of giving, the great dreaming on the yellow road. The dragon teaches us to fly, to take hold of our values in the family, all our relatives, and to walk and talk our dreams sharing on the great circle. Dragons are mythical, because it's in our hearts, our dreams, our values to become true blue of the heavenly k/news depends on our faith and spirituality to make an impossible, possible (bee). It's time to believe in our dreams and to take flight upon our dreams to sustain us in the fruits of the world has to offer. A time of caring for the young, as each a blossoming child of the universe.

There is lots more to share about Dragons and Dragon Mothers, as this is part one of three part. We look forwards to the great dreaming we envision together.

your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child,, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are) each New Moon.
From the darkness we arise a heavenly child. 
(2014, solar and lunar calender align, January 1, a cycle of renewal) 

Let me show you how it's done, just roll up your arms and dive on in, with open arms and a warm smile, you will be okay in awhile. I am Grandmother Comfort in the Wind and I am here to share our souls again. Once we walked and shared our heart. Now it's time for us to begin this walk and impart. Share your story with the heaven sent. Share your heart where ever you went. Share with the world, prophecy has arrived. It's time for us to say good night. Dream and think of me holding you when you need, for I will rock you to bed to sleep. Dream of far off distant shores, where all will be relatives more/moor (watered grass, welcome to a new home, heaven and earth we do roam).

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Welcome into my heart!

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind Gives Praise to Everything!

Thank you sow much for your loving, beautiful, kind and awesome heart. The soul who knows the great of impart. The classic stines (cup) of lock and stock. Every barrel has a part if they could simply learn to impart. Bestow (a quality) and seek from the heart. Once again, the feathers of our fathers 'smart'(aimimg for our hearts). Princess of Dawning Sings for Grandmother's Heart

My Beloved White Buffalo Calf Woman and
Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star,
To the Grandchildren...
I thank you with all my heart... my grandmother's heart, where my dream is for all the grandchildren to come home, and know the warm hug of grandmother's love. That we may be family again and lose ourselves in the love of each other's heart, never to be apart but ALWAYS a PART of the wholeness of God. May we let the past go and find our future in our heart that KNOWS. Blessings my children and grandchildren, come on home, and we shall be glory in the winds again and we shall never lack, for abundance will flow and hope shall finally show, that faith is realized in each other, and our dreams, now a whisper, shall be a SHOUT, and never more shall doubt have a place. Peace, pure peace, be upon our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and let us breathe out and fill the world, fill the oceans, the waters flow, with our love and delight. Great rainbow warriors of prophecy, be full of might and Godness and let your perfect warrior hearts be strong and endure, for this is the time for the why, the where and the whom of our creatings. The dreaming of heaven coming to earth in these bodies of frailness, and yet of such greatness that if only we knew our worth, we would never falter and never despair, but we would only know how to share. Let us let out our goodness that all shall find theirs, and the sharing shall be so wondrous that the shine of the glory will blind those that see, and those that are blind shall find true prophecy. I love you my darlings and I send you my blessings in the winds... be of great courage and start to LIVE! I bless your sacred nine directions and the fire and the waters within.
Lovingly your Grandmother Comfort in the Wind, Sunshine Glory Shines gray person, the embrace of the story House of the War Dance, Hoops of the Universe, a flower unfolding, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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